We undertake a proactive approach to the management and care of the common areas of blocks of flats and estates including…

  • Organising and managing routine services such as gardening, cleaning and attending to maintenance issues relating to the common areas. 


  • Undertaking regular site inspections to make sure everything is in order and  to check on the quality of any works which have been undertaken.

  • Tracking health and safety requirements.

  • Meeting with owners and attending owners’ and Directors’ meetings from time to time as required.

  • Arranging insurance for the property and helping sort out  insurance claims.

    • As an Authorised Representative of our parent company which is registered with the FCA, we are independent of any broker or insurers so are able source a broad range of insurance options for our clients. 


  • Preparing and managing a long term plan for the maintenance of property so everyone knows what is coming up and roughly how much it is going to cost.

  • Providing an out-of-hours support facility.

  • Communicating with the Community to make sure everyone remains informed.

  • Reporting to the Directors of the property or freeholder on all matters relating to the management and care of their property.

Property Maintenance And Care