Property Easy

"Helping Property Owners To Get Things Done"

Bridgeford & Co. specialises in residential block and estate management.  We feel this specialisation is important given the ever increasing complexities of running a fully compliant estate and ensuring that the obligations of freeholders or residents' management company are fulfilled, risks minimised and expectations exceeded.

However, we are very aware that this only covers one aspect of the broader requirements of the leaseholders and freeholders involved with the properties we manage.

So, we have introduced a new business to help you with all the other things you need to get the best out of your investment, your business and your home...


Property Easy...

You can join Property Easy (it costs nothing) then, whether you are a freeholder or leaseholder.  You can ask their experienced Facilitators to help organise the things you need to look after your own properties, your investments and your home...things that would not be dealt with by Bridgeford & Co. whose roles is to focus on the common parts and structure of your block or estate.

Property Easy then works with its network of registered, yet independent, contractors and other suppliers to bring you choices and options to get things done.

Examples of the sorts of tasks they help organise include:


  • maintenance or redecoration of your own property or portfolio;

  • legal, accounting or debt collection support;

  • lease extensions or freehold enfranchisements;

  • surveys or valuations;

  • buying, selling or letting.... name a few!

If Property Easy doesn't have suppliers registered with us who can help or who you are happy with then they will do their best to find them for you. 

Property Easy works with and for you to organise and facilitate.  Yet you are charged nothing!  Property Easy's income comes as a fee from whichever of the registered suppliers you choose to engage.