Major Works Administration

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) (‘the 1985 Act’) requires that any "qualifying work" (e.g redecorating, roofing etc etc) which is going to cost any one leaseholder more than £250 when the cost is apportioned, requires that we undertake a process of consultation with the leaseholders to ensure their involvement an engagement with the works required.

Incidentally, the same consultation is also required before the landlord or their agent enter into any agreement with a supplier (eg a gardener or cleaner) of more than twelve months if the cost to any one leaseholder is going to be more that £100 per year.

This is colloquially referred to as the "Section 20 Process" and it involves:

  1. A one month consultation to inform all leaseholders of the intent to carry out works and the reasons for it as well as inviting leaseholders to make observations about the intention and to nominate suppliers such as contractors who they would like to be invited to tender.

  2. Organisation of specification of works normally from an independent surveyor.

  3. We seek and organise quotes for assessment against the specification of works.

  4. a 2nd one month consultation period where the leaseholders and informed of what quotes have been received and where due regard is paid to any observations raised during the 1st consultation.  Leaseholders are also invited to make observation on the project at this stage.

  5. Organisation of supervisors for the works and health and safety compliance issues.

  6. Often, issuing of a 3rd notice informing leaseholders of who will be doing the work and when as well as paying due regard to observations raised during the 2nd consultation period.

  7. Facilitation of the commencement of the works and supervision normally by an independent surveyor.

  8. Organisation of accounting relating to the project and payments to suppliers.

  9. Reporting to all parties as required.

We undertake the administrative process on behalf of our clients.