Declaration Of Interests

For the sake of good practice and transparency we would like to inform you of Bridgeford & Co.’s sources of income as they relate to service charge funds and any relevant associations held between Bridgeford & Co. or its Directors and any third parties.

  • A relatively small proportion of your annual service charge contribution is paid to us as our management fee.  This is a fixed fee per year and is shown on your annual statement of account.  The core services we provide for this management fee can be seen on our website at

  • From time to time we will charge an additional fee when we organise larger projects (generally defined as having to undergo a Section 20 Consultation process under the Landlord And Tenant Act 1984 and subsequently amended).  This fee is generally between 8% and 12% + VAT of the cost of the works.

  • From time to time we will raise a charge for incidentals which fall outside the range of our core services such as fire alarm checks, provision of fire, health and safety signage in properties, provision of copies of leases and Land Registry, Companies House or insurance documents.

  • For some of the properties we look after we organise the buildings insurance on behalf of the lessor.  If we do then we may receive a fee from the broker through which the insurance is placed for our involvement in administering the policy and assisting with claims.  This is a standard practice in our industry and is generally about 20% of the premium.

  • Bridgeford & Co. takes no fees (insurance excepted, as outlined above) from, nor do we have an interest in, any of the contractors or suppliers who are engaged to do work at your property and who are paid through your service charge.

  • Bridgeford & Co. is owned in common with a separate business called “Property Easy” ( which provides support and assistance to property managers, owners, investors and self-managed residents’ management companies.  One of its main services is sourcing and organising contractors and other property services for its clients.   Property Easy charges a fee to the contractors and suppliers who register with Property Easy.

We hope this is of assistance however if any further clarification is required please contact us and we will be happy to assist.