Fire Precautions For Your Own Residence

And Accident Reports

At Bridgeford & Co. we take fire, health and safety very seriously and strive to continuously improve our practices and procedures.  A recent review has highlighted a need to communicate more effectively with our residents on fire safety.  This is particularly the case within your residence as any breaches of fire safety could, in the event of a fire, have a negative impact on the whole building with potential loss of life. 


Fire Safety In Your Residence:


As part of our on-going commitment to ensure compliance with the law regarding fire safety within the communal areas, we would like to take this opportunity to advise you on your responsibilities for fire safety within your residence and what you should consider. 


Under current legislation Bridgeford & Co. are responsible for fire-safety within the communal areas of the building.  However, you are responsible for managing fire safety within your residence. This means that in line with the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, we collectively have a duty to ensure the fire safety of the building and therefore we must co-operate and communicate with each other accordingly. 


As part of this duty we would like to draw your attention to the following:-


  • If you are aware of any previous alterations within your residence or if you have planned any that may affect fire containment, please inform us immediately.

  • If any doors in your residence have been or are to be replaced at any time, including your main entrance doors, please ensure only 30 minute fire rated doors with closers are installed and that intumescent strips have been fitted to minimise ingress or egress of smoke.

  • Please consider and plan for the evacuation needs of vulnerable groups within your residence, such as - children, pregnant women, the disabled and visually impaired, the elderly, asthmatics etc.

  • Please ensure that you install and regularly test smoke detectors and ensure all internal fire doors are kept closed as required and not propped open.

  • Please ensure that you are familiar with any fire action notices/evacuation instructions/signage located within the communal areas of the building.


For further useful advice of how to prevent fire in your residence please contact your local fire authority for the leaflet ‘Fire Safety in The Home’ or use the internet and go to –


It is in everybody’s interest to do all we can to reduce the risks to health, possible loss of life and property damage posed by fire.  With your continued cooperation and general fire awareness we can keep any potential risk as low as possible.

Accident Reporting:


Although accidents do happen, we do everything possible to avoid them happening in the common areas of the property and, in the unfortunate circumstance where they do happen, we need to know about them as fast as possible in order to avoid any recurrence where the cause might be related to an issue within the common areas of the property.


Therefore if either:


  • You see something within the common areas which might give rise to an accident or misadventure




  • An accident has happened within the common areas of the building


Please let us know straight away so we can deal with it.  To do this either email us at, call us on 01590 677725 or go to our contact form at our website at and “Report An Accident”.



Your on-going cooperation is appreciated.