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Welcome To Bridgeford & Co.

I would like to thank you for your interest and start off by giving you a short introduction to our company and our background.



The company was originally established in 1955 as Guthrie Hills & Marchant, a firm of London based Chartered Surveyors founded by the late Leslie Hills, my father.  Over the years the firm relocated to Hampshire and became more and more specialised in the evolving discipline of residential block and estate management.


In 2003 we acquired and became Bridgeford & Co., focussing entirely on block and estate management with an evolving portfolio of properties under management across the South of England. 

Our philosophy is to deliver a personal, professional, proactive and adaptable level of care and service.  We believe this is a fundamental obligation when dealing with peoples’ homes and investments.


With a focus of excellent communications, modern business practices, compliance and the effective use of technology, we feel well placed to work with our clients to help them through the maze of modern legislation and obligations as well as enhancing the enjoyment of, and value from, their ownership of their property.

Our Services

These are the main categories of service which we deliver to ensure a comprehensive range of capabilities to give our clients confidence in our ability to look after their interests...

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Property maintenance and care

Major works administration

Service charge management

Additional "as needed" services

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...and for those things you need which do not relate to the common parts and structure of the property please have a look at our IPMNet service